A Story To Go With The Right Meal

Off the north Atlantic sea, there exists a landmass known as Ireland, not to be confused with Northern Ireland. But that’s not all it is known for. Barmbrack, is the cuisine that’s synonymous with making an appearance during Halloween celebrations in a traditional sense. Originally, they’d be different objects baked into the bread and used as, a fortune-telling game that the little ones can enjoy in the process. But with the passage of time, the use of objects has declined. The tradition, however, still maintains its significance and serves as proof not to judge a loaf on its looks.

Multiple Names, Single Use

Irish cuisine such as the Brack, Bawreen bread, Brambrack, and the many different names it’s known by isn’t only limited to Halloween as the dish is enjoyed year-round much to the delight of bakers across Ireland. This is also illustrated by the number of sales the bread maintains throughout the year which, do tend to go up during the holiday that brought about the sweet bread’s claim to fame. In more recent times, there’s been changes to the tradition of baking with objects hidden inside dough. Due to health and safety reasons, the items inserted during the baking process have changed, exchanging coins, buttons and matchsticks for jewellery instead.

What Makes BramBrack Unique

What makes this particular bread different from others with the same namesake is that, unlike other types of bread that exist in the world, it’s not baked as a rectangular loaf but rather, a round version of the baked goods. Fruits, raisins or currants can all be used to add something to the loaf instead of having it being enjoyed plain. Or it can be toasted and enjoyed with butter, either way is delicious. Once it’s ready, however, it’s good for 7 days in a sealed container before it’s time to toss out and buy or make a new one.