All That Money Can Buy

The popular cinema chain Omniplex has launched a new cinema featuring seven screens accompanied by a stream of various restaurants. This after an investment of £5-million was made towards the initiative. The cinema chain has stated that the creation and construction of the space would include an OmniplexMAXX screen, which is essentially the first sized screen of its kind in Ireland. Moviegoers and visitors of the complex will surely be able to enjoy themselves while indulging in all the qualities money could buy. The 35,000 square foot development has enough space for 1,000 cinema seats and can accommodate up to the same number of moviegoers.

An Assortment Of Restaurants Too

Over and above the impressive offering of the new cinema, the complex will also have a slew of new restaurants, which includes the dinosaur inspired Rexy Jacks as well as the famous American restaurant Hill Billy Fuel which is appropriately themed after an American style filling station down south. All the restaurants promise to cater to the needs and interests of all complex visitors. Where all visitors can expect some good old’ quality dishes from all over the world, serving up some of the best in restaurant cuisine. The assortment of restaurants will make for the perfect stopover before or after catching a movie.

Doing All The Right Things

One of the best features offered by the new complex is the click-collect station, which is perfect for those who prefer to do things online in an attempt to avoid long cinema lines. This service allows ticket buyers to collect snacks they have ordered online. The director of the Omniplex Group, Paul Anderson was quick to point out how excited the group was to see this complex launch, exclaiming how cinema has become a lot more of an experience than just watching a film. He went on to state how important good quality service offering was even more essential to the movie experience.