Crackpots Restaurant Kinsale

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Carole was born and raised in England where her childhood background was predominantly rural. She studied Art and History of Art before attending Brighton Art College where she specialised in the techniques and art of the silversmith.

It was years later, during employment at the former Kinsale Pottery, owned and run by Bill Godkin, that she discovered a love and aptitude for working with clay.

After several courses and workshops, Carol experimented with various techniques of ceramics: including thrown-ware, slab-work and plaster-casting and she was continuously drawn to the freedom of hand-building methods, adding textures and natural colours using everyday objects and materials to leave their lasting impressions on the clay.

Primitive influences have always appealed to Carole, with their inherent naive simplicity and ability to tell a story and enhance imagery. This is used in the Dancing Man functional tableware.

Matisse has also been an influence with his vibrant use of colour, definite strokes and decorative simplicity of subject matter.

Carole has set up her own workshop in Kinsale, Co. Cork, from where hand-made pieces are created and sold. She also has pieces in The Trading House, 54 Main Street, Kinsale. She also undertakes commissions.

The pottery workshop has created most of the functional ware in the restaurant. Each piece is hand thrown on the potter's wheel and then slip decorated and fired in the kiln. Every piece of pottery is unique, and as stock allows, pieces that you have dined from, can be purchased and taken home with you.