Cuisine Of Ireland: Why Colcannon Is A Crowd Favourite

St. Patrick’s Day is the day when most people embrace the Irish culture the most. This is often when people did their green attire and explore Irish dishes. One of the dishes at the top of the list is Colcannon considered delicious and refreshing. Aside from having it for this special occasions, people used to just eat it whenever they could. One of its main ingredients kale is harvested around the autumn and winter time. This means most people wait until that season to prepare it properly. It is very versatile and can be paired with numerous options. Some have it with some bacon, others with some Irish Soda Bread.

Seek And You Shall Find

Saying this meal is just yummy is kind of an understatement it is also full of mystery. For Halloween people eat this dish and hide objects with sacred meanings inside. There are four objects that are hidden: a gold ring, a button, a thimble and a coin. This is a delicious way of telling people their fortune if you are into hosting mysterious dinner parties. The one who finds a coin will be rich, the one who finds a button or a thimble will remain unmarried and lastly, the ring means the person will be married by the year’s end.

One Name, Many Ingredients

As part of Halloween, there is a song inspired by the dish, there is even a poem to go with the song. This shows how far back this palate cleanser goes. There are many ways to prepare it if you are looking to modernise the recipe a bit, for instance, some add hot milk others no milk at all. Remember the key ingredients potato, cabbage and kale. Like how some people make it extra green for St Patrick’s Day. You can also make it creamy, something worth considering when you are preparing it as a feast.