Galway – Irish Roots Run Deep

Upheaval is no stranger to the Irish city of Galway. Although it has been subjected to both ocean and political wrath over the years, the Gaelic culture is still strongly seated there. This city is ranked fourth in size when referring to Irish cities and boasts a lively atmosphere, probably the most vibrant in Ireland. The University of Galway can be attributed for the atmosphere, creating a population that is made up of at least 25% of students. Gorgeous coastal and inland sights are there for the picking and travelling by bike gives you the chance to see them all.

Rich in Culture and Heritage

The diversity of the offerings Galway provides has led to the city being referred to as the Cultural Heart of Ireland. Many a song has been penned about the city and the occurrence of theatres and venues for music shows has made this city home to events year round. In July you can experience the amazing International Arts Festival as well as the Galway Film Festival which produces momentous masterpieces each year. Comedy and poetry are high up on the list of cultural activities and are enjoyable to take in or be part of.

Sporting Events

Galway is the home of two major sports in the country. Hurling and Gaelic football have their roots firmly set in the past, however, today they provide as much entertainment and competition as ever. Hurling is a team game played at a rapid pace with a stick and a ball and has a history as long as your arm. The Galway Races Summer Festival highlights the area as one of the finest horse-racing cities in the world. If you plan on making your way to Galway, best you brush up on you traditional Irish language, it is still prevalent in these parts. Allow your ears to experience the sounds of traditional music and live as the Irish do in Galway.