Ireland’s Farm Restaurant in Dublin

The Farm Restaurant in Dublin, built in close proximity to Trinity College, is located at number 3 Dawson Street at the heart of Dublin’s streets. It is also located close to a few of Dublin’s entertainment centres such as Merrion Square, the Dublin Literary Pub Crawl, and the Dawson Hotel and Spa to name a few. The restaurant is known for its organic menu and farm styled interior. It is also known to open itself up to many visiting nationals from 12am to 10pm every day. Many have described it as charming, with a relaxing ambience perfect to take in after a long day.

What You Can Expect to See

Farm’s speciality is organic foods offered in a variety of cuisines with a few variations between the Farm Dawson restaurant, and Farm Leeson. Farm Dawson on Dawson Street offers an Early Bird Menu, Lunch Menu, Evening Menu, an A La Carte Menu, as well as a Dessert Menu. The restaurant also offers a Junior Menu for children aged 12 and below. The restaurant goes out of its way to source its ingredients locally but does bring in a small amount of its food from overseas depending on the cuisine. Do expect to find some Italian and French dishes, as well as some Asian delights.

How to Have This Experience

The Farm Dawson experience is characterized by great service and hospitable staff with a menu to match. Their food is GM and artificial free, without compromising on great taste. You can expect anything from Fish Pies to Welsh Rarebits, and a chef who makes sure you enjoy your meal too. It is an environment also created to cater to business meetings, romantic evenings out, and some family fun. To make a reservation, all you need to do is fill in a reservation form on the website, and expect confirmation within 24 hours, and they also have a mailing list to let you know about special offers.