Ireland’s Greenacres Restaurant in Wexford

Greenacres Restaurant is located in Selskar, Wexford. Selskar has a rich history in Wexford, having once been a 12th century Abbey called home by important figures in Irish history. Due to this past, Selskar Abbey now falls under the Westgate Heritage Tower where one can tour. Greenacres Restaurant is in the same location then also shares in the history of the area through its art gallery where one can also enjoy the wine selection from its vintners. The restaurant also finds itself perfectly situated close to Wexford’sattractions ranging from historical sites to beach walks, and to the Secret Valley Wildlife Park.

What You Can Expect To See

The Greenacres menu boasts a variety of meals offered through the breakfast menu, the lunch, evening, and even one for the kids. The restaurant also naturally offers an outdoor catering menu, under the supervision of Chef Ritchie Trappe who is also in charge of developing the dining menus at Greenacres. A wine tasting experience is also available offering the best wines sourced from across the world under the expert eyes of James O’Connor and Donal Morris, who have seen to it that the restaurant keep the most extensive range in the country while collecting a great many awards for their selection.

How to Have This Experience

Due to the events the restaurant offers, as well as how busy it gets, it is advisable that one do a reservation through its website, which also offers a query section if you would like to do a booking for the wine tasting experience. The restaurant also holds free monthly exhibitions while they also offer the venue to the public to book for their own private exhibits. You can also find this calendar on the website, and also query details through the email provided. Thanks to location, you can also visit the heritage sites in Selskar while there, and do tours of the area.