Planning A Trip – A Family Affair

Ireland is a country with a landscape as diverse as the people, culture and foods found in it. The landscapes of lush, green, rolling hills are sharply contrasted by the rocky hills. Castles are found dotted across the region, each with a story to tell. Woodland of moss hold the secrets of fairies, leprechauns and trolls heard of only in fairy tales. Leisurely hotels and quaint cottages are in abundance, suited to any budget. Ireland is where the roots of famous writers, poets, authors and musicians found their start. The perfect vacation destination for a lengthy visit packed with exciting and interesting things to do and wondrous places to explore.

Summer Vacations That Matter

With summer being the longest school vacation of the year, this is the perfect opportunity to take a family break that may seem to make no sense at all but end up making an impression that will last a lifetime. Summer is the perfect time to explore and set your sights wider than just the surrounding area, dream big. Consider adventures that are out of the ordinary. The trick to success is to start your planning early, allowing months of accumulated credit card points and flight points to get you half way there and the rest will fall into place.

Tour Guides

As strange as it seems to give your children the opportunity to plan the itinerary. This is a learning experience for them in preparation for the trip. Give them the duty of plotting out the trip on the map and let them delve into researching the best places to eat at each location, what landmarks must be seen and places of historical significance. While they may not be too keen on the research part, it is a suitable payment for the chance of a holiday of a lifetime. Dublin, Ireland is filled with family activities, gorgeous accommodation, castles and musty bookshops that hold hidden treasures underlays of dust.