Taking time to visit Reeks District, Ireland

Sitting at a whopping 1,039 metres tall, Carrauntoohil is the highest mountain in all of Ireland. This may be hard to believe considering that most of what Ireland is known for is their incredibly steep and incredibly high mountains. This particular mountain which is located in the recently renamed Reeks District offers visitors spectacular views at insane heights. If the weather permits visitors can explore some memorable vistas with horizons engulfed by glens, lakes and even more breath-taking sceneries. Visiting this place will leave you in awe, and you may even find yourself forgetting to capture the moment for the gram.

What To Expect When Visiting

What was known as the Mid Kerry, located in the area of MacGillycuddy has officially been relaunched as the Reeks District. This was done with the sole purpose of challenging all the other similar UK areas. Reeks District has rebranded itself to place all focus and attention on promoting wild surfing, climbing, kayaking, biking in the mountains and a list of other adventure tours and trips to explore. One thing that this “district” certainly already had going for it was the sceneries, one such is the Ring of Kerry, which is located in close proximity of Luton. Once you land in Reeks district you can expect to be greeted by a glass of local whiskey from the local bars.

Other Pleasantries To Indulge In

For those who fancy themselves to be into water sports then Kingdom Waves have a rather competitive group surf lessons at the small price of just €30. If after all the mountain climbing, peak viewing and whiskey drinking you find yourself with enough energy, you can try a join the cycle ride which goes through Gap of Dunloe. There are a number of bicycle tours that you can join at rather affordable prices. The routes make it worth it as you can cycle up cliffs and peaks and free fall on your way down.