Time To Shake Things Up, Oyster Ice Cream The New In Thing

Ireland. The name definitely doesn’t conjure up images of ice cream, seaweed or oysters, however, the delicacy in the country is something quite phenomenal. While rich, dark Guinness and fish and chips are more up the alley, perhaps savoury ice creams could make for a pleasing end to a meal. Charleston, North Carolina is home to Cook It Raw and they create a blend of oysters and ice-cream that is out of the ordinary and quite delicious. The tastes seem to blend and merge into one and paired with a steak, the experience is one that is quite memorable.

As Far Afield As Australia

Brae restaurant in Australia which is run by Dan Hunter puts together a marvellous creation of oyster ice cream covered in dried sea lettuce. While it is a true reflection of contemporary cuisine in Australia, it could be a worthy addition to the Irish menu. Perhaps an addition to the list of national foods is on the cards. Oysters and seaweed, a combination made in heaven and ice cream, well, who doesn’t love it? While this rendition is more saline than sweet, it is worthy of accompanying any Irish meat dish and proving fabulous. Ireland, its time for a change.

Tom Sawyer and The Oyster Ice Cream

Oyster ice cream dates back as far as 1824 and even received a mention in Mark Twain’s famous novel, Tom Sawyer. While Twain is American born, his ancestral roots lie in Ireland. If the delicacy was good enough to Sawyer, it is certainly a welcome addition to the Irish cuisine scene. The rich, strange tasting treat has been served up all over the world and it really is a dish that you either completely fall in love with or dislike immensely, there is no in between. With the calibre of chefs in Ireland, pulling it off would be an easy task, getting the first diners to taste it may be where the challenge lies.