Uber finally making its way to deliver food in Ireland

It’s hard to believe that since its launch in 2016 Uber has yet to make its cameo in the cities of Ireland, this was until last week when Uber announced it would be bringing its world-renowned delivery service to Ireland. The company plans to execute this plan later in the year, this despite the fact that its core business of transporting app users has been banned in Ireland. This announcement followed the company vowing to incorporate Uber Eats services into about 100 new locations. The delivery service has already proven to be a rather successful business model across the world and reporting favourable statistics in countries like South Africa.

So, How Does It All Work?

Well like the car sharing service, Uber Eats or sometimes less commonly referred to as Uber delivery is a food delivery services that allow customers to place orders for food for delivery to their chosen location. Users simply download the Uber Eats app which has now been made a separate app from the car-sharing app. Once the app has been successfully downloaded users can put in their address where a list of all the available restaurants in close vicinity will be listed. Customers simply peruse the menu of some of their favourite food joints, select a meal and proceed to checkout. Like its counterpart app, Uber Eats requires users to fill in their card details as this is used for the payment of the food and the standard delivery fee.

What Irelanders Can Expect from Eats

One of the main qualities that Uber Eats praises itself in having is their under 30-minute deliveries for specific restaurants, especially the popular ones such as McDonalds and KFC. Although this is the claim, those who use Uber Eats on the regular insist that this claim isn’t always upheld. In the announcement, the spokesman for the app clarified that although the launch is due to take place later in the year.