Wahlburger May Be Making its Ways to Dublin

It’s one thing to be a renowned and well known famous Hollywood actor, it’s another to launch a business, thousands of kilometres away from your native land. This is exactly what actor Mark Wahlberg is looking to do, expand his already growing business franchise to the shores of Ireland, specifically Dublin. The actor who launched his own burger chain restaurant called Wahlburger has his eye on the land across the pond. The business which is the brainchild of Wahlberg and his brothers, chef Paul Wahlberg and fellow actor Donnie Wahlberg is set to be looking to open shop in Dublin soon.


The brothers who already own 27 Wahlburgers restaurants spread across the United States and Canada are looking to expand their brand by crossing into foreign markets. Word is they are looking to find a spot at the famous Dublin city centre. The hope is for the franchise to promote an open kitchen concept where visitors will be able to have a full view of the chefs preparing the tasty American themed burgers. The question of whether the menu will be incorporated in the same way as it has been in Canada and the US has yet to be determined, with some speculating that changes and additions may be made to cater to the European taste buds.

It Surely Will Be Popular

There is very little doubt that the burger chain will make for a popular addition to Dublin city centre, especially considering the fact that burger businesses have been on the popularity fast train in Ireland. Mark himself exclaimed his fondness for the city exclaiming he has visited Dublin and simply loves it here. Exclaiming that he was quite confident that restaurant-goers would likely embrace their family concept and all the personal touches that Paul, the chef puts into their menus. With the trio’s goal being to have several Wahlburgers joints across Ireland over a period of 10 years.